First Step To Your Happier Life

October 15, 2018

Imagine that you have just been accused of a cruel murder. You didn’t do it, but according to media and some “well informed” people, the situation is clear, you are guilty. All your assets were confiscated, family moved to Zambia, you have no place to stay.

Now, take a piece of paper and write down names of people you could call and expect that they would very likely give you a hand.

How many names do you have on it?

Few, I see. I doubt that everyone from this list would help, but let’s hope.

Now, when you have your list, look at it very carefully. These are your real friends. These are the people that you may consider while making your life decision. Them, and (probably) your closest family. That’s it.

Others people opinion should not matter. I will tell you a secret, most of them don’t even care about you anyway!  In a good or bad way, they just do not care at all, have no time to think about you, they are busy living their own lives.

Of course, you may consider other`s suggestions, if you do respect them, however there is no reason to treat their opinions as a guideline for your life.

You are the only one that matters. Others come and go. There is no way to please them all anyway, so do not even try. It is a waste of time and energy.

Stop looking for acceptance in the eyes of people around you. Do not give strangers power over your life. They do not have all information to judge you. They have very different life and perspective. Sometimes they just do not care. Or simply do not like you, which is OK as well, as long as you respect each other.

The point is that at the end you have the sole responsibility over your happiness and wellbeing. So, be a (wo)man, accept who you are and live according to it.

 So easy, yet so difficult. Absolutely worth trying. Start now!

If you have a problem with your self-acceptance, contact me. We can work on it.




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