Detox From Social Media

October 29, 2018

Overuse of social media is one of the main topics among my clients.

It’s easy to start using them, just take one glance at new Instagram posts, few tweets or Facebook statuses. With every minute it is more and more difficult to stop. We all know that sometimes it takes us hours to finally say goodbye for today. And then, just another quick look before sleep, correct?

Social media give us an illusion of:

– staying in touch

– giving other people better sense of who we are

– and most of all being updated about all the new interesting and “so much needed” news from the world

Thereafter, when our access to social media is limited, deep inside we die with fear of missing something significant or start feeling lonely, bored or frustrated.

There is a social medium for any sociodemographic profile. Some people love Instagram others value LinkedIn, Snapchat or Pinterest. It is really difficult to avoid the trap. I personally do not know too many people that are not addicted to social media to some extent.

And we are all ending up checking our social media accounts for much longer than we originally planned.

All because of dopamine – some chemical in brain that gives us a great feeling of pleasure that is really hard to resist. According to many, even more difficult than to resist cigarettes or alcohol.

The question is: what we can do about it?

How to use the fact that social media are good servants but very bad masters? According to my clients:

Understand our addiction

Intentionally limit the time spent on social media (with a timer in our hand to make sure we do not try to cheat ourselves as addicted people usually do)

-Do detox from social media from time to time

All with the aim to understand that there is life outside of social media.

We will gain back many hours of time that we can spend on some productive activities when we take over the responsibility over our addiction and life in consequence.

Easy to say, more difficult to do. Therefore I decided to start with myself.

I am determined to limit my social media activity this week to an absolute minimum. Do not expect my immediate response. Should you want to contact me, send me and email or give me a call.

Sorry, I am on detox. Will you join me?

Let me know how it was!

However, in case you need assistance on any of your own journeys, remember that I am here for you. Even more focused and dedicated.

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