Appreciate yourself!

December 3, 2017

I have a new coachee recently. He is a wonderful person. Interesting, calm with a sparkling sense of humour. The only thing he is really struggling with is self confidence. In his opinion since he doesn’t have higher education, he does not deserve the job he has and basically whatever good happens in his professional life, he considers it to be a lucky coincidence. Well, with this amount of good luck he should better play “Lotto” since he has been constantly winning for the last 15 years!

Usually the milestones of coaching happen between the sessions. So it happened in case of my new coachee. According to his words, he focused all his power and kindly asked his boss for raise. He got it immediately with words of thanks and appreciation.

During our next session coachee mentioned his great success between the words as if it was something obvious. I asked him how he felt about that meeting with his boss: – “it was absolutely fantastic”, he said, “I felt great and so proud of myself! and suddenly it looks so easy after I did it!”. “It was easy because you decided to try. YOU made it possible, remember?!”. “Indeed”, he answered, “it is so easy to forget how difficult the first step was. We should appreciate more what we achieved in our life”.

Well, we should. Let’s appreciate!

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