Procrastinating dance

December 8, 2017

Washing machine is in service. My husband just took the girls for a walk to see the beauties of London getting ready for Christmas. Fruits are arranged on a plate, house is clean and tidy. I have time. Perfect time for me to work.
Will I start working immediately? Hmm…

If I would not have started writing that article I would probably make a cup of tea, then consider eating an apple or two apples? Reading a short article on the internet would follow and maybe a last check of the Facebook messenger as well. Oh, wait! Shouldn’t I clean the bathroom today? No? So what about baking a surprise cake for my kids?

Do you also have that “mind chat” whenever you are supposing to start doing something challenging? I had that since I was a little girl, not to mention preparing for exams at university! A set of little tasks that I do before I finally notice that I am procrastinating my day and force myself to focus.

For a long time it made me very upset with myself. Luckily at some point, I noticed that even though I sometimes do crazy things before I start working, I always know exactly when I do have to start the designated task.

What would I do if my system failed one day? So far it was enough to ask myself 3 simple questions: 1.  What is the real problem? 2. What am I avoiding? 3.  What am I afraid of?

Confronting myself with my fears always helped so far. It also helped me to reduce the preparation time. At the moment I consider the “procrastinating dance” to be a little treat for myself.It is very healthy to eat apples, don’t you think?

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