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January 7, 2018

Ups, I did it again! I looked briefly at one of the internet horoscopes for 2018 and surprise, surprise, 2018 is going to be a very challenging  year. Again.

Fortunately, it’s a great news at the end! Let me tell you why…

It started, I believe, in 2012. It was the year of a fire dragon and since I am a dragon in fire according to Chinese horoscope, I hoped and believed to be a great winner that particular year. Yeah, I was not! Horoscope said that it is going to be very difficult time. Indeed, 2012 was an absolute disaster. Bad, bad year…

Ok, I survived so I had great expectations from the 2013 horoscope for a change, but no! The horoscope suggested another difficult time. I said to myself: no fucking way! No more 2012! This year is going to be much better than they are implying! Let it happen!

And you know what? It was better. Not easy but definitely more balanced year. I had good days, I had bad ones, but something happened to me inside, I was a winner again!

Since that time I check my new horoscope every year. I noticed that every time it tries to threaten me. Be careful! Take care! Watch your back! Have your eyes open! Be patient! It is not going to be easy!

Ok, ok, I will be careful and everything, I promise! But I am not going to be afraid anymore. I will not anyone let me down. At the end I am not a simple dragon, capricorn or apple tree. I am me – a unique person, born in a special moment. I have no clue if the whole idea of horoscopes is valid or not. It doesn’t matter at the end. If it is, definitely not in a form of brief article at no-name website that feels obliged to put every scary disclosure into my horoscope, to be able to say” I sad so” at the end of the year.

And first of all, I am sure that far in the sky, there is a little lucky star created for a single purpose, to protect me and enlighten my way. This star is created from choice, bravery, will, optimism and hard work. It will help me make the most from 2018 and any upcoming year. It will. And I am determined to do my best to help it with that job. Let it shine!

Happy New Year to all of you!

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