Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

I decided not to prepare a regular article this week to have space to do something much more important. To thank you.

If I was to mention by name everybody who I am grateful to, my note would be much longer than the Oscar speeches so I will try to be short.

At the beginning, I would like to say thank you personally, you reading my words now, for your everyday support. For viewing my Facebook page, reading and reacting to my articles, being on my side. Thanks to you, I know that I am not alone. Almost every day I receive so many nice little-big gifts! Short emails, texts, remarks, even calls. There are no proper words to explain how important your encouragement is for me!

I also would like to say thank you to all my wonderful clients. Real, beautiful, vulnerable but strong people, who bring light and meaning into my life. I learn from you all the time!

Many thanks go to my close friends – you know who I am talking about – for reminding me every day that I have to keep going if I want to succeed.

And at the end there are two men that I would like to mention by name:

Robert – my husband and a great friend – that happens to be my biggest fan and supporter. Even though he is very busy and often tired after his work he gives me time and space to work. Robert is the very first reader of my articles and he likes them so much that he never, ever forgets to like them on LinkedIn! And he didn`t kill me so far, for being me:) Strong man!

Last but definitely not least I am very, very grateful to Honza Tesarek – the creator, designer and producer of my most-beautiful-in-the-world website: At some point Honza decided that it is time for me to have my own web page – and he created one just like that! If you decide to have your own page – Honza should be your very first choice ( Honza is the designer that you need!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!




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