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March 5, 2018

Since I updated my profession to coaching on LinkedIn, everybody wants to help me. I receive tens of messages from specialized coaches or agencies. They of course, have a very special offer prepared just for my needs and are ready to help me with approaching new clients, preparing fantastic emailing etc. Salesmen explain me step-by-step what I need to do on my way to success.

Some of them are ready to give me an immediate solution how to make tones of money in no time. It’s so kind of them! And since I am a nice person I am happy to share it with you. For free! It´s really, really easy: you just have to prepare an exceptional offer and send it to perfectly targeted audience. Wow! One would never guessed that. It is brilliant, don’t you think?

Others send me offer proposals immediately. Long, long (boring) letters with no real melody or form that I never care to read to the end, even though I usually read even inscriptions on a can of fish.

You know what is so funny about that? So far just one of these salesmen asked me what I want. They never bothered to read any of my articles to learn how I think. They were not interested in my offer and me. Their only interest is themselves (???!)

So let’s make the time you spent on reading their massages useful and let`s all of us learn the lesson number one from the manual of a good salesmen: ask your clients what they need before you start presenting your offer.

So easy, so difficult. When you get to know and care about my dreams there is a chance you would sell me yours. Not sooner.

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