Cry laud, laugh lauer! About one day in Morocco.

March 19, 2018

Last December we went for a trip to Morocco. Together with my husband and two little daughters we visited Marrakesh, Rabat, Fes, Casablanca and other beautiful places. To make our trip more exciting we lived in riads in the centres of historical medinas. Riad is something half way between guest house and a boutique hotel. There are no windows looking outside. Passing by the riad you would probably thought that there must be some very poor neighbourhood behind the wall. When you pass the door you often unexpectedly enter a real palace. Every time we were stepped into a new riad we were offered simple but tasty meal: boiling-hot sweet tea and various hand made biscuits.

That day we arrived to Fes. Nice gentleman picked us up at the parking and shown the way to the riad hidden somewhere in the middle of the old town. He opened the door, sit us in spacious hall and disappeared for a minute. When he arrived back he brought traditional snack. Plate of sweets and 4 glasses of very hot tea.

And than it happened.

Our 3 years all daughter moved quickly and poured the extremely hot water all over her leg. I mean all leg – from hips to the food. Zu started to scream very loudly. I took her immediately out of the riad, my husband started to pour cold water at her leg and our host at lightning speed brought some ice to help cooling down the skin. Then we transported her to the room and spend long time with the leg under the cold water.

It was horrible. Little Zu was roared like an animal for the next 20 minutes non stop. The burn must have been very painful. However we did a really good job! She ended up with 2nd degree burn on significant part of her feet, the rest of the leg looked ok after the treatment.

20-25 minutes later Zu suddenly stopped crying. I looked at the horribly looking foot and asked if she is ok? – “oh yes, I am ok”, she said. “It is still painful, but little less and I want to go for a walk”. We covered her little foot carefully, put her in a pram and went to discover Fes medina.

For the next few days we couldn’t even put her shoe on, because the wound was still open.

To our surprise Zu never opened the conversation about her burn again. Whenever we asked her if it is still painful she answered with a smile: “Just a bit. I am just fine, ready to go out!”. We were and still are amazed with the way she deal with the accident, especially that it didn’t let her down for even a minute longer than it was needed. She wanted me to comfort her when the pain was really hart, but then she stood with her hand up, with no intension to interrupt the excursion for her or for us.  Sometimes kids are just smarter that we are.

What is the lesson we should take from the story?

Be real, be present. Cry laud when it is really painful, and laugh loud the rest of the time. Do not let your problems let you down for two long! Life is good!

P.S.Zu’s leg is absolutely fine now, she just has bit darker burn mark, but it is getting better and better now. She hardly remember what leg was hurtJ

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