Good time to grow up

March 26, 2018

Last Sunday my family was out. I was taking cups out of the dishwasher and watching “My old lady” movie on Netflix. Suddenly I heard the words that touched me so much. I stopped the movie, rewound it, took a piece of paper and wrote them down for you:

“You look in the mirror and you see an adult. But you have to look more carefully. There’s a big piece of you that never grew up. It might have grown tall, but not up. You spend your life waiting for your parents to come and make it all right. But they don’t come back. It’s not all right. You have to somehow move past them. You have to somehow convince yourself that you don’t need those people. Because you don’t.”

We don’t.

Easter is coming, time when family meets and we so often come back in our minds to people that are no longer with us. In my case to parents. They both passed away many years ago, and there is still so much I would like to tell them, ask them for explanation. They had such tremendous impact on my life. There are so many “whys” to ask.

But on the other hand, do I really need these answers? My life is here and now. Whatever happened, happened. We have to move on.

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