Five Important People

April 29, 2018

You have probably heard the famous words of Jim Rohn that we are a combination of the five people we spend the most time with. We might interact with many people but at the end we always have small inner network of closest friends that inspire us, support us no matter what and as a result have a big impact on shaping us as human beings.

Since we are not the same over our life time, our network changes as well. In our young days we aggregate  people that can bring us a lot of positive feedback, so we can have fun together and appreciate each other’s ideas. With time and experience most of us tend to realize that negative feedback can be even more valuable because we can learn from it and we start to build a network of people that inspire us but also challenge our opinions in some ways and make us grow.

The other factor that can influence who we spend most time with is our life situation. For example, when we start building a family and all of our friends are still single, it may happen that we look for support of other people that can understand us better in this particular period.

My husband always jokes that it is not us but the situation that chooses our friends. But that is not so true. We usually know exactly who brings positive energy into our life and who is the toxic frenemy from the old days.

These are facts.  Much more important is how we deal with them.

I would like to invite you to do a short exercise. Close your eyes and think about the five people you spend the most time with. Are you really, really happy with your choice? What do you feel about each member of your team? Have you ever wondered what aspect of your personality they represent?

Indeed, it doesn’t matter if they are rich, fancy or beautiful but it is important whether your life is enriched in some way because you have them around. Look at your closest network carefully also because they are a mirror of who you are and who you want to be.

When you are ready with the exercise, take your time to be grateful for your closest friends or just make a change since there is no time to waste.

It is never easy to take the responsibility but it is definitely worth to be well aware of who has the key to our heart and mind.

If you feel like you need to talk about this with no strings attached I will be happy to listen. It is going to be a well spent time. Although you truly are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with, you are still unique and sometimes it’s good have to celebrate it.

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