What Is Enough?

June 24, 2018

Usually on Monday I post my new blog post on LinkedIn and then on my Facebook page. I do not want my followers to get tired, so on Thursday I tend to publish just a nice picture or a short, funny story.

Last week I posted a picture of a couple that didn’t have enough money to prepare or buy a wedding cake so rather than to borrow money to impress people they decided to keep things real and offered their guests just a bread and butter. There was a nice picture of the people from their big day and short description of the situation.

In the statistics I noticed that that post reached only 1/3 of the usual number of viewers. Only 3 people reacted to it, just few clicked on the post. At the beginning I was surprised because that was one of the pictures that make you think. When I saw the picture for the first time my thoughts were: “I have to show this picture to my friends because we all complain about nothing.”

After a while I realized that maybe this is the reason why so few people dedicated attention to that story. We made it guilty pleasure to celebrate the little obstacles that life puts in our way.

Have you noticed that we all spend far too much time on being a victim of problematic situations?

What if we use the same energy on enjoying the loads of good things that happen to us every day?

At the moment I am looking outside of my window. Last rays of sun are playing on the surface of the Thames River and the sky is as blue as it can only be. It is a beautiful sunny evening. We are healthy. What else do we need?

Sometimes the distance between happiness and misfortune, good and bad is just a question of perspective. And we have the power to change it if we really wanted.

So, if you feel that it is a good time to talk about your perspective, I am here ready to help.

Let’s make a guilty pleasure out of being satisfied and happy like nobody around.

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