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September 10, 2018

Welcome back after a long summer break!

It was a wonderful time. Together with our girls (8 and 3 years old) and my husband, we have seen a big part of the world. We visited Moscow, Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai. We have seen plenty of fantastic temples, museums and views. We met many nice and helpful people. First of all we have been together as a family for an entire month. Was it tiring? Oh, sometimes. Fortunately, in general, much less than I expected.

Summing up: we gained plenty of experience (for example that there are 9 hour flights without any food served:), we learned a lot of things about each other (my older daughter can swim as a little fish!) and of course we got a massive number of insights about other cultures. What an adventure that was! We even managed to lose our kids in one of the temples in Kyoto for about 20 minutes! Don’t worry – found them eventually.

I tried to work all the time during the trip. To make it comfortable for my clients, I had to wake up sometimes in the middle of a night. At first it was difficult to open my eyes at 2 a.m. but with a little help of a black tea, I was fresh (an hour later) and ready for a new fantastic journey. It was always worth it. I really enjoyed every session I had during summer. I consider myself very lucky to be invited into my clients` life and privileged to help them during their treasure hunting. There is always a big reword waiting for everybody focused on personal development. I am blessed to be a part of the exploring team.

Now I am back into my everyday reality in London. Kids are back to school, my husband has just started a new job. I spend a lot of time with my fascinating clients all over the world and young offenders in prison.

My blog is back on. I will do my best to publish regularly one article a week. I am looking forward to all your insights. If there is any subject you want me to wright about – please let me know, leave a message, send me an email, call me. If you do not agree with something – tell me. If you like my article – give me a hug or leave a note. The interaction is very motivating for me for further writing. I want to know that there is somebody on the other side of the screen.

Once again I would like to greet you at the verge of autumn and remind you that I’m here to help you make your life better, so in case of any problems give me a call!

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