Don’t fly too close to the sun – really?

September 17, 2018

Let me remind you of the old Greek myth about Icarus – so nice and sad, yet so full of hope at the same time.

Many, many years ago young Icarus wanted to escape from Crete by all means. To make it happen, his father Daedalus constructed wings for him from feathers and wax. The father warned Icarus not to fly either too close to the see, so water would not distract the wings, or too high because the sun could melt the wax.

Icarus was so fascinated by the fact of flying and the beauty of the firmament that absolutely forgot about all the warnings and went off aloft, very close to the sun. Hot rays melted the wax in the wings and Icarus fell into the see and drowned.

The conclusion we should remember from that story according to many is: don’t fly too close to the sun.

However, what if we look at this myth from a different perspective?

What if not the death of Icarus is the important message, but rather the flight without any limitation high up to the sun?

Dig down into your memory to find out how many times you have emotionally nearly died while being very close to the absolute happiness.

First love, moments when our kids were born, last kiss before the train departure of your closest friend, and many many others. We were so fascinated, so full of energy and endorphin first and so wasted, disappointed, nearly dead the very next moment.

Maybe those extraordinary moments were exactly the seconds when we were the most alive in our life?

Now, after many years I remember and I have smile on my face. I do not remember anymore about the pain in my heart that seemed to be broken when my big love decided for someone else. I already forgot about the pain of labor, I am still happy when I think about my best friends.

Deep in my heart I believe that Icarus died full off happiness and thankful for the moment when he could use his wings. When he felt like an eagle.

I appeal let’s use our wings little wiser than Icarus, but not to avoid flying up to our dreams. It is the essence of life.

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