Call For Adventure

September 23, 2018

Sometimes you just sit in your ordinary world and think that your life is going to look exactly the same from now to infinity. You expect to stay in the same place, do the same job, meet the same people, just the familiar world that you are so much used to. Maybe it is not exactly your dream but allows you to stay in your comfort zone and not really think what is going to happen tomorrow.

Then it comes. Something unusual interrupts your ordinary world and suddenly you are forced to make important decision – this moment is it, the call for adventure. It can be something positive (e.g. love), negative (e.g. illness, death) or just an unexpected challenge that at the moment you are not able to classify. Your call for adventure may materialize as something substantial that is difficult to miss, or really tiny seemingly negligible idea with the potential to change your private universe.

The first decision that you have to make is if you want to accept or refuse the call.  You are going to say that we are not always in a position to make a decision. And indeed, it may seem to be very difficult sometimes, luckily in most cases it is solely your choice if you want to accept the challenge or not.

After you put up with the call, the real adventure starts. Unpredictable period of deep difficult tests, surprises and fears or even almost death in some aspect. There are no free lunches in this world, everything has a price. Sometimes much higher than we originally expected.

So you have to make your decision very carefully. Is this call worth the change that will follow? Is the reward big enough? How to survive? What would it mean for your future to try or not to try?

The reason for my article today is that I have received a loud call for adventure lately. One of those that are difficult to refuse but you are not so sure if it is worth the pain.

At the moment when you are going to read this article I will be much closer to my decision. I have no idea if the answer is going to be “yes” or “no”. Are you curious what is going to happen? Oh! So am I.

On the other hand, what is more important to me personally, I know for sure that I am finally ready for a new crazy chapter of my life. And doesn’t matter at all if it is going to be this particular call or just another one. After a while on the ground I am able to fly, again.

Did you have time to think if you are ready for adventure? Consider it.

If you really want something, ask yourself…

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