Live One Day at a Time

October 8, 2018

When I look at people around me, I could clearly divide them into three groups.

Group number one lives in the past. Every time we meet they keep reminding me of their moments of former days of glory or hard details of foregone relationships or events. For these kind of people today is usually just a result of previous mistakes or an outcome of past success. This group spends a lot of time worrying that the past will never repeat again.

Group number two lives in the future. They are very much concentrated on building their career, saving for retirement, preparing for what is going to happen next. This group literally treats today as a preparation for their bright future. If they actually notice the existence of today. Downside of this approach could be (and often is) a really extended imagination of all the disasters that might happen in future.

Group number three considers today to be a meeting point between yesterday and tomorrow where they can benefit from experience with their eyes directed to the future. Depending on the circumstances people from this group switch often between past and future with all the pros and cons of this attitude.

On the first sight the third group possibility seems to be the classiest and now you probably think you belong there, correct?

Well, it is possible. But is it really the best option?

I would like to encourage you to start living just one day at a time.

Try to forget about all that happened before, because you cannot change it anyway. Yes, you can profit from the past but definitely there is no use in worrying that you have made some mistakes. Every saint has his past and every sinner has his future. And we are no better than them.

On the other hand, don’t borrow tomorrow’s potential pain and suffering; it will negatively impact you today. Remember, that 99% of all the things that you may be worried about will never occur.

The blessing and curse of life is that we live each moment only once. If you waste this “now” you will never get it back again.

So, even if you are not exactly happy, even if you are in pain or living through difficulties, simply try your best to face the reality of it.

With the same enthusiasm and devotion enjoy every exceptional moment of your today’s miracle. Make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

Forget about becoming a member of any of the three groups mentioned at the beginning. Instead be yourself, be here and now. Yesterday is dead and tomorrow is blind.

Let’s live today with open eyes and mind.

Should you need to talk about your life, do not hesitate to contact me.

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