Can Woman Have It All?

December 3, 2018

Bit less than three years ago, I was invited to a Google event at their London office. It was dedicated to women and the main topic was how to combine being a good employee and being a good mother.

The event had a form of a discussion panel among three successful ladies from major internet companies (like Spotify, Uber etc.) with a Q&A part at the end.

With the audience filled in 3/4 with women, we were informed that the combination of working full time and being a mother is just a question of good organization of time (and servants;).

The situation was funny because to make it possible for me to be at that event, my husband had to take half a day off to take care of our little daughters.

So I was listening to a lady – a living example of the approach she promoted. During last 13 months, she managed to give birth to two kids and come back to work full time (and work full time between two pregnancies)

My smile was rather bitter at that particular moment because not so long before, the same Google just literally forgot about me when I told them I was pregnant. After five (5) months of interviewing process and nine (9!) successful interviews and so many words how great I am:) Well, anyways…

So during the even, I was thinking if it is or it is not possible for a woman to combine being a fulfilled mother and having a full time professional life.

I needed some time to clarify my answer.

Now, few years later both of my kids are at school and I am back to work. I am ready to answer…

I assisted the first steps of both of my girls, I offered them their fist spoon of solid food. I have seen almost every little smile and tier, success and failure. It gave me huge satisfaction.

With time, I managed to build up a new career that helped me combine my ambitions and skills with the needs of still not so grown up daughters.

Now, I see no obstacles in working for myself, or any other great company if the possibility arrives, and raising kids at the same time. I really appreciate the fact because I love to work and I love to make a difference this way or another.

It’s a real pleasure to work and be a mother, to do meaningful things in life, at home and at work. The more complex, the better. At the end, that is why (expect for the money;) we all work, correct?

With a little more experience and solely from my own perspective, I came to the conclusion that it is possible to be a great employee and a dedicated mother, gradually.

When at first you focus on your baby so this little person becomes self confident and brave enough to give you space for dreams and development.

Because we can definitely have it all. We just have to be wise, patient and very determined while organizing it…

Should you feel a need for a discussion about your career or any other subject, remember that I am here for you.

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