Fairy tale based on (my) true story!

January 13, 2019

My little daughter had a birthday recently.  Last Thursday I decided to buy a birthday cake so she can celebrate it with her friends at preschool.

We went to Waitrose (our local grocery shop) and picked a beautiful cake, some juices, paper plates, spoons, etc.

I prepared all my stuff for the check out and just before the lady at the case desk asked me for money, I realised that I left my purse at home.

I was about to cry…

Suddenly I heard a voice. Polish speaking lady that I have never seen before in my life said: “Oh! I noticed that you probably forgot your money, I know how you feel, it happened to me before. It would be so disappointing for your daughter not to have this cake. Let me pay for you, you will send me the money back to my account, it is not a problem at all.”

And she paid 40 pounds for my shopping!!!

I was absolutely amazed and so grateful! And of course I sent her the money as soon as I came back home.

What have I learned from that situation? Life can surprise you when you expect it the least.

Keep your eyes opened and allow little miracles to happen. Life is better than we expect.

Happy New Year!

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