May 20, 2019

When our first daughter was born my husband and I decided that she is going to be fluent in both our languages (Polish and Czech). With time and our stays abroad we extended the number of obligatory languages to three: Polish, English and Czech.

At the same time we made a conscious decision, that since we never plan to live in Poland the only language where we can possibly use a touch of inappropriate words would be Polish….


In a few months we are moving  from London to Warsaw (Poland) due to my husband’s job.

This is just a funny example of my life-long experience. Whenever I attach to any possible problem or opinion emotionally, after a while I realise that I just didn’t have enough information, everything is different.

Sometimes better, sometimes worse, usually just absolutely unpredictable.

If I really wait for something, it happens that I am made to wait for ages. If I decide that it’s a time to resign after a big fight, I often immediately get something even more attractive.

Good part of my immaginated terrible disappointments happen just in my mind. Some of my expected big glories never see the light of the day.

The last word of the story is just so much different than I anticipated.

Is it any different in your life? I don’t think so!

My proposition for today is:
– let’s forget about yesterday because there is no way back
– let’s leave tomorrow to worry about itself, if there is anything to worry about

and finally:

let’s stay happy and focused on now. Love, hate, tell what you really think is needed to be told and use every moment of your day, as if your future time was very limited

Life is (usually) good. Have some faith and enjoy!

Should you need someone to take you through your hesitations, do remember that I am here waiting for your message. Always.

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