In the land of dreams and desire

May 21, 2018

Instead of hiding behind my clients` backs, this time I decided to tell you something about me. I would like to invite you into my world before you take me into yours…

The most beautiful time of day is when my kids fall asleep. I can be looking at them for ages, admiring what perfect creatures they are. Tiny tummies are moving up and down with every breath, little eyes open for a while to smile and then come back deep into their dreams. Petite lips are half opened to murmur last important words they really have to say today. I look at them so proud to be their mother and am grateful for another day when they could be happy and safe.

The funny fact is that I am not a big fan of kids in general. Children are annoying. Most of them do not behave, make a mess and yell for any and no reason (mine included). I never even thought kids could change me and my life so much. To teach me how to love, hug, laugh through their entire bodies and how they can admire every flower as if it was the best of god’s masterpieces.

If there is no reason, kids are the reason.

This is me. Now.

Should you meet me 10 years ago I would say that the purpose of life is work. The adrenalin that you feel when your project goes well, fantastic people that you meet, challenges that you overcome.

25 years ago I would die for another day under the sails. To see flying fish, whales, dolphins and icebergs next to our sailing boat was one of the highlights of my entire life.

If I was to describe what these different periods of time have in common I would say desire, passion and maybe curiosity. To check what’s ahead of us. To be prepared.

I currently find myself in a situation when plenty of things and nothing happens to me at the same time. I can see many changes that are waiting for me over the hills, but they are still relatively far and unreal, which creates a perfect situation to clarify what is important for me personally and what makes my eyes shine.

Sometimes it is good to stop for a while, think and make sure our boat is going into the right direction. First of all, it is ok to stop and decide who we currently are and what we want.

So this is me. And who are you? If you fancy to start your journey into a forgotten dream, it will be an honour for me to be your guide.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep (Shakespeare). Let’s try.

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