No Rain. No Rainbow

November 12, 2018


Last Tuesday, I was walking back home after I dropped my kids to school when I noticed a handbook in a shop window.

To be exact – a big black exercise book with a sign: “No rain. No rainbow” on it.


This is how my life looks like. Nothing is given for free. I always have to work very hard for every little moment of glory.

I repeatedly face obstacles that seem to be bigger than me. I am sometimes so tired that I think I cannot cope anymore. And at this very moment, another big challenge comes in my way and I find a power to survive again.

I am and you, my friend, are much stronger than we think.

Then, at the day when I start to loose my hope, the sun rises throughout the rain and I can admire a beautiful rainbow. Life is good. Not often easy, but good.

When the wind starts again and the first drops fall down, I try to accept that this is the nature of life. No rain. No rainbow.

I will be happy to hear your story. Remember to contact me when you are ready.

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