TIME – universal gift for the Mother’s Day

March 31, 2019

Depending on the country, the tradition varies. In Poland, you celebrate it on 26thof May, in the Czech Republic it is going to be 12thof April. Here in the Great Britain, the Mother’s day is today!

If you still hesitate how to celebrate the beloved mothers around you on that special day, I have a perfect tip for you.


In case you are a daughter or a son who does not live with parents anymore, give your mum some time!

Visit her, give her a hug or a kiss. You may bring a box of chocolates, but what she would appreciate the most is the time you spend with her chatting or eating her perfect soup. If it is not possible to meet in person, remember to call her or send a little card stating how much she means for you. She s going to love it!

If you have young kids, give your wife or partner a little time as well.

Let her sleep as long as she wants. Ask kids to prepare a fancy breakfast. Offer her time for bath or let her go to the cinema. Leave her alone for a few hours so she can celebrate herself as a separate human being and woman. Don’t be worried, she is going to rejoin the family in the evening with a gratifying feeling of being free but loved at the same time.

Finally, in case you are a mother yourself, give yourself some time.

Time without feeling responsible, guilty or obliged to do anything. Eat all chocolates, do some window shopping or go for a coffee with your best friend. Enjoy the one day in the year when the “mother” label is officially a privilege and not only an obligation.

Being a mother is a hard but beautiful commitment. Especially today. Let’s celebrate!

Happy Mother’s day to all of us!

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