December 19, 2022

“You have my support”, 💪🏼 “I stand by you” or 💪🏼“you are not alone”… These are nice words that we often use to support someone and maybe (let’s face it) because it makes us feel better about ourselves. And thank you for that, it can be very useful in some occasions.

On the other hand…

Are you ready to compromise your own comfort to provide real help to someone in need?❓ ❔

✔️For example to call the police when you hear your neighbour beating his wife?

✔️Or maybe to loudly stand by a colleague at work bullied by the boss?… and if it was your own boss?

✔️Are you prepared to actually do something when you see injustice of any kind, even if it may influence your own life in an unpleasant way?

It’s not easy, is it? Much harder than to say few nice words.

🚩However can you imagine the difference we could make, if we would actually DO SOMETHING?

Instead of talking about diversity and equity, make it happen around ourselves?

To have a courage to open eyes wildly and notice, name injustice and than get it fixed?

💡May proposal is: let’s start slowly. Pick one person and start being real sponsor of him or her. Open the door for this person, use our position to say supportive words on a bigger forum or start buying a bread if needed.💡

Instead of taking about support, be supportive. Deserve our nice feeling about ourselves. Be bigger that words, be actions. Have courage to be better version of yourself. Be who you always wanted to be.

Many thanks in advance 💙


Date of publication on Linkedin:  November 2022 🙂

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