Are you prepared for parenthood? or let’s start writing the blog again!

March 20, 2024

The book is about tests, so let’s start with a test. How to know if you’re prepared for parenthood?

“Repeat every sentence you say five times. Carry a wet, four to six-kilo sack around from 5 to 10 pm while your mobile phone rings incessantly. At 10 pm, put the sack down. Pick it back up at 11 pm and carry it around until 1 am. Set your alarm clock for 3 am. Since you can’t fall asleep, get up at 2 am. Lie down again at 2:45 am. At 3 am, your alarm clock rings. Sing lullabies in the dark until 4 pm. Get up at 5 am and make breakfast. If you can make it for 5 whole years and still act cheerfully, you are ready for children.”

And now seriously. In the picture, you see a kit that will come in handy while reading a small book titled “The Test Book: 64 Tools to Lead You to Success” by Michael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler. I’m afraid you’ll get so engrossed in the reading that you’ll forget about the whole world, so it’s worth having something to drink and a little snack before you start. Highlighters will be useful for underlining interesting information you’ll encounter along the way.

The book contains 64 tests divided into 5 sections (such as Personality and Character or Knowledge and Beliefs). The joke is that it’s not really about the tests. The most interesting part of the book is the explanation of phenomena and often the methodology that led to the creation of the tests. Finding out our BMI (19.9), whether we have narcissistic tendencies (well below average), and whether we are good parents (children say I’m quite okay) is all secondary ( in my opinion).

There are plenty of tests. Some are amusing (“Am I a smart-ass?”), others are quite serious (“How much stamina do I have?” or “When will I probably die?”). Most are worth a few minutes of attention that you’ll need to spend reading.

In this case, a beautifully written, visually appealing, yet insightful book that is worth dedicating a few hours of your time to.

Another interesting read for the last chilly days before we fully embrace spring.

Purchase/borrow- read – pass it on.

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